Monday, June 05, 2006


Do you have that friend who is notorious for breaking plans? It drives me insane. I have one friend who follows through so infrequently that I hesitate to make plans with her because she always backs out at the last minute and never seems to think it's a big deal. No apology, nothing. Now, I will clarify that the plans in question are frivolous little summer pool plans, but I still like to plan out my days so that I don't wind up sitting at home getting cabin fever. A day at the pool is not a little plan to me. It's one step in my journey to summer brownness and thou shalt not waste a sunny day. Canceling at the last minute is just rude. Rude! Rude. Especially when one uses an excuse that they would've known about long before half an hour before said event is about to transpire. I've seen this person do this to other people often, so I shouldn't be that surprised when it happens, but good grief. Now I'm all twitchy and annoyed.

Off to the grocery store hungry. I should at least come home with some good food. Then? I'm going to the pool anyway. With a reliable friend. Harumph.

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