Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hypothetically, Part 2

So, the readership seems to agree that the hypothetical child should have been punished in some way. Would it change your opinion if I told you that his hypothetical father was a prominent member of the community? Because clearly, we can't punish a child whose father is a prominent member of the community. Plus, his hypothetical mom says that he's too sensitive to receive conduct marks, that he should get special treatment. Even when the policeman came to her door, she said he could only come in if he was nice to her son. So, since he's sensitive and all...
Don't you think that we should instead yell at the [really good] sub in front of the child about her behavior? Remembering that her behavior included chasing this child across the playground screaming his name? Did I mention that he turned and looked at her and then kept running? Remember that we are taking the word of a child whether or not he punched someone over the word of a [trusted, loyal, experienced] substitute. And don't you think that we should then give the child the privilege to come straight to the principal's office in the future without asking whenever he might feel a bit uncomfortable? Don't you? Don't you?!

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