Thursday, February 09, 2006


Did you ever have a principal hate one of your students? A student with whom you have worked incredibly hard to make a difference in his school life? Say, a student with severe behavioral problems who has been notorious grades K-3, yet when he gets to you, he finally has a good year? Has that principal ever said to you in front of a colleague one afternoon that you should have been writing him up all year for insubordination whenever he wouldn't write in class? Even though you told her that you would never do that because it would make him hate writing forever? And that you preferred to work with him and talk with him and try to make him a better person?
Right after a meeting like that, have you ever gotten a surprise from that same parent in your email? A surprise that she wrote a letter glorifying all that is good and wonderful about you? Did she mention that she sent it directly over your principal's head to the superindendent of the district? Have you ever had a satisfying experience like that?
'Cause I did today. And I gotta tell you that it feels REALLY good. [evil cackle]

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