Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mad Skillz

You know, sometimes one might get a little frustrated, or might we say, jealous of people with those desk-sitting jobs. I don't really think that I want one of those jobs, but sometimes just for a day, I think I could make do.
It's an interesting juxtaposition when I am hearing this:

"Mrs.! Mrs.! Tony didn't use a Kleenex again! It's bad!"
"Hey, Mrs? I told you how my dog had puppies, remember? Well, did I tell you about when my two dogs were stuck together?"
"I found a simile! I found one! Look! Read it!" [book thrust in face]
"I need a pencil."
"Where do I turn this in?"
"When they got stuck together, they couldn't get apart! It was like a fight!"
"Or maybe it's a metaphor, but look! It says as."
"You can't say that in school! I'm telling!"

Yet I open my email and see this from my sister:

"I just wanted you to witness my mad skillz at solitaire." she writes from her desk.

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