Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Dog Has a Pimple.

Poor Gus has been afflicted with the misfortune of post-adolescent acne. Who knew that his delicate youthful complexion could become marred in such a harsh, unforgiving way? He has become self-conscious and withdrawn, only allowing himself to be seen by his parents. You can detect his shyness in this photo, unable to make eye contact with the camera. The wistful, longing gaze illustrates his yearn for better days, he looks back on his unblemished youth, so unappreciated at the time. How could he have known that such adversity would befall him? He couldn't have known....he simply couldn't have known.

[Brief moment of silence as we all reflect on Gus' youthful pre-acne days.]

Do not fret, my friends. Gus took a step in the right direction toward self-help today. [a hush falls over the readership, I nod reverently.] He accepted an application of my Clinique Emergency Face Mask. Clearly, a brave move toward the road to healing. He faces his treatment with valor and courage and looks directly into the lens, facing his troubles head on.

Thus far, we have seen little change in the blemish, but we are hoping for the best. What could have caused such a regrettable hardship? We just aren't sure. Could it be muzzle overuse? Under the fence nose chortling? Overzealous hunting? We may never know. Just know that Gus needs to hear your kind words and encouraging support during this difficult time. I will pass along updates as information becomes available.


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