Thursday, January 12, 2006


I suspect that everyone will be delighted to know that both the Red Poncho Frock and the Flip Flop Wine Coaster sold on ebay. The Dancing Rat Thing, sadly, did not sell. So far I've earned a profit of $37.82 from my Christmas present sales on ebay this year. I am pleased.
In other news, there's still no word on the Phantom Pooper. They are elusive and crafty. They have managed to successfully outwit me for several years now. They need some changes in their diet.
Is it sad or disturbing that I am feeling a twinge of stress over the fact that my TiVo is backed up to last week? I haven't had time to view the Bachelor, for Pete's sake! How behind I feel in the world of media. Instead, I sit here and type to you.
For Christmas this year, my sister gave me an intriguing little guide called The Big Book of Bodily Functions: 4500 words for bodily functions and body parts. I will share with you a few of my favorites. It is your job to guess what they mean. No Googling!
1. The Barking Spider
2. Drown the Brown Turtle
3. Grime Bubble

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