Saturday, December 03, 2005

Time, time, there's never enough.

I am an absolutely amazing singer in the shower and the car when accompanied by some of today's most talented artists. Particularly Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson. We can really wail together. Except for I've had a touch of laryngitis this week. I wish I could do an audiopost of how I sound "singing" Because of You in my psuedo croaky voice that disappears on anything higher than a man note. That was the disappointing way in which I began my day yesterday. I also couldn't figure out what to wear and forgot to pluck my eyebrows. I should have just stayed home.
But now it is Saturday and I am stressed on a whole new level. I have to have my house cleaned, properly decorated, and organized before 4:00. I have to make fudge, a pound cake, and some cheesecake brownies, then locate plates and seating for 24. So what am I doing? Writing a blog post! Must run.

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