Thursday, December 08, 2005

This Just In...


Yeah, so we got a glazing of ice! Crazy, huh? But is all this drama really necessary? I think the news media has gotten out of control. It's not just Texas either, we had this in NC where panic over snow also triggered instant bread and milk shortages in all grocery stores. If I wrote the news, I think I would focus on a slightly different angle. I would go with:

[deep news voice] DO YOU HAVE A CONFUSED THERMOSTAT? This week's temperature spread has many North Texans confused! 90 degrees on Saturday and 11 degrees tomorrow? You must be kidding, Bob! Will we see snow? Stay tuned after the break.

Instead, we get 9 hours of news coverage detailing the ice slick on the expressway. We get to watch Media Mark outside bundled up in layers, scarf flying threateningly around his head, scuff his shoe back and forth over the alleged ice slick to illustrate JUST HOW SLICK it really is, Bob! We get to see zoomed in close ups of the layer of ice coating the one grass blade in North Texas that it adhered to. For. Nine. Hours. It's just as bad as the idiot who deliberately enters the Category 4 hurricane winds to show us that - guess what guys? - it's really windy out there. You should probably stay safely in your home.

It's things like these that make me miss an episode of Days of Our Lives. Therein lies the true problem. Unacceptable. But we did get a two hour delay, in case you're wondering. And that, my friends, is the gift that keeps on giving. No make up days, a sleep in, and a short day. Happy Pig.

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