Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Round Up

If you've been visiting my blog this weekend, you may have experienced some confusion. I'm a little ADD with the backgrounds and I just can't decide on one. I like variety, I do. I have temporarily settled on these here flowers and we'll see how long that quenches my Gotta Have Something New issue.

So...not much going on around here. I managed to not have any accidents in a few days and I've kept my nasal contents to myself. Poop has not followed me for at least a week with the exception of Husband getting nailed by some bird doodie while sitting at a stoplight with his window open. Hee. I've always heard that means good luck though. It should! What are the odds?

What else, what else, what else? Oh - found out from family friend MM who sometimes comments here that the bass-ackwards insurance company of the restaurant by which I was slain by their sink has closed my claim because "they didn't hear back from me." Puh-LEASE! Do you have any idea how many times I've contacted that woman and given her all of my phone numbers?? Insane. She sounds like a simply stellar employee.

I'm wanting to know how much I should ask for regarding pain and suffering, bearing in mind that they are darn tootin' lucky I'm not suing them. What do you think? Here are my out of pocket expenses thus far:

Medical Bills (copays, not covered by insurance, etc.): $750.28
Supplies: $79.58
Prescriptions: $20
Jeans: $59 [Note: I, of course, did not pay this much, being that I am the Cheapest of All Skates, but this is what they would be worth were I to replace them.)
Really Cute Sandals: $139 [ditto]
Tennis League: $28
Two Days of Work: $550 [pre-tax earnings, should I do it like that?]
Pain and Suffering and General Malaise: ???
Still Not Wearing Cute Shoes: [insert ungodly sum of money here]
Trauma of Removing Bit of Sink From Own Foot: ???

So there I am. I have a couple of blanks left. Please share your opinion if you have one, vamoose if you don't. What good are ya!?

You can see that I have really had a tremendous weekend. I will note that I finally watched the new Charlie in the Chocolate Factory movie. I had really been looking forward to see how Tim Burton remade it. I'm not a huge fan of the book - hate the stupid Oompa Loompa songs - but I kind of liked the old movie. The new movie did very little for me. I couldn't look at Augustus Gloop or Veruca Salt or Violet Beauregard without matching their bratty personalities and useless parents to some student or another. Johnny Depp creeps me out, but was the perfect choice for the oddwad Willy Wonka. I dunno, it was kind of trippy like the old one. I just wish I could say stuff to kids like Willy Wonka can without getting sued. That would rock.

In other developments, Husband is sick with a cold of which I was surely the carrier. I Zicam-ed my symptoms away (shameless plug: BEST STUFF EVER FOR TEACHERS, despite those minor lawsuit issues), but he finds himself in a mucus-filled haze. He's sleeping in Cousineddie's bedroom [she maintains an unoffical dwelling in our home despite our slight geographical challenge from Texas to Virginia]. These sleeping arrangements completely stress Gus out because he likes everyone in the same room. I think he's like that little kid who is afraid his parents are splitting up. He spends the whole night running back and forth between us to make sure we're still there. Not ideal for slumber, I have to say. Poor kid. To show his displeasure, he's been acting out a great deal by barking excessively.

Earlier on my blog someone suggested that we get one of the beeping bark collars. Yeah, we tried that. Gus learned to bark over the beep and just keep going. It just caused more noise than we already had. The muzzle is the way to go. It crushes his whiskers and renders him somewhat paralyzed while he's wearing it. He runs into things and just lays his snout on the nearest person and give sad puppydog eyes until someone removes it. Pretty sad, but it works. I'll leave you with that image. TTFN!


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