Tuesday, November 29, 2005

That's Hot

Mr. Owens: Mrs! Mrs! Mrs! Guess what? [comes bounding into classroom in jackrabbit fashion]
Me: Good grief, what? Did you have coffee?
Mr. Owens: No. [confused, but shakes it off] I did it! I finished my paper! [waves in the air]
Me: Great! Good for you! What paper? [teasing]
Mr. Owens: [look of horror] What?! You know! The one - the one! You said! The one that I couldn't have recess until - you KNOW! [sheer panic takes over face]
Me: I know....just kidding. Here, let's see it.
Mr. Owens: [instant calm] Oh. Okay. Well. Here? Here's where it starts getting unreadable. [goes to unpack belongings, leaving me with "unreadable" paper]
Me: Ummmmm.....[squinting at hieroglyphics]
Mr. Owens: What? You just said finish it! [smiles, walks from room]

What the heck? Sometimes this kid leaves me in stitches, other times I want to wring his neck. This would be the latter. At the end of the day, he redeemed himself. The kids came back in from PE where Mr. Owens had apparently spent a very vigorous 45 minutes. I took in his general sweaty, red-faced appearance and laughed.

Me: Man, you're hot!
Mr. Owens: [cheeky grin] Thank you.
Me: Bah?!

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