Monday, July 11, 2005

Reading Progress and Obituaries

Progress: Well, none really, but I did find a really good article which was about the same topic as the book I'm supposed to read. So, technically, I was gathering background research to better establish my pre-existing knowledge, or schema, so that I will be better able to receive the new information. Okay, I just wasted another minute coming up with that excuse.

Say, while we're on the subject of interesting things from newspapers, I thought I'd share this obituary. It's absolutely hands down the funniest obituary I've ever read. Not like that's really hard or anything, since I'm not prone to obit giggles, but you have to read this just for kicks. Some teasers from the obituary (And this is real! It was in the Raleigh News and Observer!)

  • "All of her breath leaked out."
  • "[her father] ultimately stuck his head in a heated gas oven with a golden delicious apple propped in his mouth"
  • "[her] other children...happily picked up the considerable slack of the absent former heiress"
  • "...all while raising four children, two of whom are fairly normal."

Seriously, you gotta go look. Umkay. Off to start that pesky reading now. OR! Go to the grocery store...

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