Thursday, July 07, 2005

Pictures! Got yer pictures!

Okay, I am finally posting the pictures per your requests last week. I wasn't able to get all of them, but I did the very, very best I could. B+ work, I think. Here we go.

Cousineddie started us off with the dirtiest square foot inside my house. After much thought, I moved the refrigerator to see what was under it. Just after the pictures was taken, Gus snarfed up all of the puppy kibbles that had rolled under there. Yummmm....stale under-the-fridge goodness.

Had to go to the freezer for the edible item of food I would most hate to eat. They've been in there for over a year and I even tore the Box Tops label off of the box so my school would get the 10 cents. Yep.

Mike went on a search for his pleatiest pair of pants and came up with these. This is a long running joke between Mike and Cousineddie over the contents of his wardrobe. You will be pleased to know that after this picture, he donated the pair to Goodwill.

Finally, she wanted to see my ugliest pair of shoes. Oh, my.

My favorite spot in my classroom is the bookcase/reading area. Normally there's a rug there and some cushy stuff to lay on, but it's summer, so that's all I got. This is also where we sit to do read aloud everyday. I like the tidiness and anal-retentive organization of it all.

Dex wanted to see the tackiest thing on my street which wasn't really a hard one to do, since we've been sneering at these horrific lions every day since they were so ornately installed. They are quite lovely. I can't believe that the psycho homeowner's association allows it.

Upon driving to the mall today, Cousineddie and I also found this:

Out of KatieBug's requests, I was able to get the contrast of our tans at the beach (she's the freckly diva):

The "whirlpool tub" in our beachhouse, which we found out didn't work anyway:

And, of course, some beautiful bean footage:

MommyProf wanted to see the inside and outside of my refrigerator:

Mommy Prof also wanted to see the kids' favorite spot in my classroom:

Shea wanted to see my veggie garden. It's a little overgrown and dried up after being left to bake for two weeks, but what can I do?

Megan and Janet wanted to see the trunk of my car and the floor of my closet. Neither are very exciting, I'm afraid.

Janet also mentioned my music collection, but it's so spread out all over the house and the car and I've lost most of the CD covers that I didn't have anything to show. Sorry!

Lucy and Erin wanted to see Gus' favorite sleeping spot and his food bowls.

Erin was also curious about my favorite thing about my home. It's actually not the home itself, it's the grove of trees in the backyard. Texas does not feature a lot of trees, so they are a major treat out here. This should also cover Dex's request for the state of the backyard.

Carrie's requests were harder and actually required some thought. She started with my favorite spot to relax and I was torn between my couch and the bathtub, so had to go with bathtub, since that's where I go to do serious relaxation:

Then she wanted to see something in my surrounding that brings me great joy. That one wasn't too hard, although he also brings me great angst:

Finally, Carrie made me sit and think for a while because she wanted to see an inanimate object that captures who I am. Oh, my!! That was like homework. I came up with a model of Bodie Island Lighthouse because I'm from NC, love the beach, and used to teach NC history.

KauaiMark requested the backseat of the car I drive to work in. Sorry, I'm a bit of a neatfreak and a lot of a geek, so it's not messy or anything.

Leesepea wanted to see my favorite pair of shoes and a pedicure. I do my own pedicures, which is why it is messy. I can't stand for anyone to touch my feet! Cousineddie wanted a picture of my toe freckle, which doesn't really show up. And I don't really have a pair of favorite shoes, but these go with a lot of stuff, so I wear them a lot.

Then Leesepea suggested the contents of my purse, which was a good one. That's probably my slob area. Hee!

And my medicine cabinet. Also not very exciting. Sorry!

Cori requested to see my favorite knick knack or piece of art. After much deliberation, I picked my cross wall. I think it's pretty. And then I hemmed and hawed some more and picked my angel. So here's both.

And in contrast to that, Cori wanted to see the bottom of my trashcan, minus the bag. Here you go, Cori!

Katie wanted to see me in capris with socks and sandals, but alas, I'm not gonna do that. My fashion sense prevents me from doing this. She also wanted to see my sunburn, but I didn't get one. :o)

Whew! That took forever! I now have to go take a break. I expect copious comments after all that work.

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