Thursday, July 14, 2005

But Daddy says I'm the best at it

An example of what I consider to be bad parenting:

At pool today. Floating leisurely on raft. Friend and self moved all the way to the corner so not to hog play area of massive, huge pool. Child cannonballs into pool approximately one eighth of an inch away from my raft. I understand that I am in a pool and wet is to be expected. I chuckle understandingly at the mom, who is sitting on the side of the pool watching her little genius. I wring out my hat, wipe the water from my glasses and turn to talk to my friend again.

SPLASH! Rafts tilts. Terrorchild all but landed in my lap. I nearly sustained serious injury, but managed to maintain balance on raft and bikini top. Blew water out of nose, cleared throat, adjusted and prepared to continue conversation with friend.

"Sweetie....tell the lady you're sorry," SuperMom crooned.

"What for?!" insolent twerp demanded.

"You got her all wet," singsonged Captain Obvious.

"I don't have to." The vixen left the area. The mom shrugged a "What can you do with them?" shrug and smiled a "What a character" smile.

I stared back, full teacher eyebrow on and ready to go. What should I have done? Can you believe these people?

4 weeks and 4 days until the kids start school. I can hardly wait.

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