Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What are the odds?

Lounging at the pool today....a nice 108 degree heat index, a mild red ozone warning, sunny skies, a crystal clear pool, my bottle of water and a bikini. I was happy as a clam at the beach. It seems to be where I find myself nearly every other day. To the point that my tennis partner has actually requested that I not lay out on tennis match days; it seems to drain my playing abilities to even less than their usual level of crudtastically average. But, I accidentally-on-purpose found myself at the pool again today. It was simply fabulous until...

My (teacher) friend looked at me in alarm and without moving her lips said, "Dat kid is shtaring at ush" and ever-so-slightly jerked her head at approximately 2:00. I slid my eyes to the left instinctively not moving my head and hissed back, "Do we know him?" She squinted behind her sunglasses and groaned softly. "It'sh Ch-oey!" she moaned in disgust. Joey. It had to be Joey. Joey who stared at teachers' boobs. Joey who moved to our school and taught the whole class new swear words. Joey who drove me insane for six months.

Joey was apparently a water wonder. A water wonder who was fully captivated by the notion of two of his teachers in bikinis. He stared openly, daring us to say anything. We did not. However, the afternoon then lost a great deal of its charm and we reluctantly called it a day and left Joey the wonder ogler back at the pool.

What are the odds? I'm in a different city! It's supposed to be safe! These kids are everywhere. Grumble. This is supposed to be my break from them.

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