Friday, June 24, 2005

Picture Perfect

I'm off for the next week! I'm going to the beach for a week with my family! Wahoo!

During my little sabbatical, I'm going to copy my friend CousinEddie. I copied her a few months ago with her groundbreaking Geek List game, which was really good fun. She is incredibly creative and came up with this fun game: Picture Post. I thought it was such a clever idea that it should become a blogosphere-wide game! It could change the world! Alter people's lives! Well, it should give me something fun to do when I get home anyway. But give CousinEddie props for coming up with it. I'm just copying. Her final results were cool, I even got to see her new office.

Here's what you do: You get to ask me questions about myself/my surroundings that you would like to see pictures of, and I will post the pictures in my next entry. So, ask away! Get creative. Do keep it clean, please. :o)

Fun, huh? You should do it too!

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