Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Optimism?? What's this?

Despite the fact that the kids are still incredibly wonky and I continued to act like my mother all day, there were some positive trends today! That's right, swivel those heads on back here, I'm going to be positive! Not perky, mind you, just a little on the bright side for something new. I'm trying it out. Let me know what you think.

First of all, I just won a very satisfying tennis match. I channeled all of my negative sentiment from my darling pumpkinheads at school and pounded that ball. It was simply glorious, that win. Tennis has become a sheer delight in my life. And...AND! I finally won my first trophy last night! I haven't won a trophy since I played t-ball when I was five and my own dad coached and put me so far in the outfield that I had to be waved in because I was too far away to hear. But back to my trophy! I won second place in my league:

Oh, yeah baby! She's a fox, isn't she? I finally won something! I almost took it to school today for show and tell, then quickly recovered my senses.

On to positive thing #2. A parent wrote me a thank you note. I'm totally serious. It's as though they were reading my blog! (Which they'd better not be because I have taken immense precautions against that.) A real thank you note...with a little Glade Plug-in device for my pleasure. Now, was that expensive? No. Thoughtful? Very! I always tell the kids not to take their shoes off because their feet stink! [My teammate allows them no shoes during testing...I disagree heartily.] So, clearly, that is the impact I have made upon this child. She taught me how to write? Nah.... Read? Silly... She said our feet stink!! That's interesting and important, so that must be what gets repeated at home. I've taken the liberty of wielding the black bar to protect the innocent:

Seems like that would be enough, no? It continues...

So, I've gotten what I wanted. That was all I wanted from Teacher Appreciation Week. Nevermind that there are 43 others...I got my one acknowledgment and I have been properly thanked. For those parents taking note - this is the way to do it. Not used goods, not four Lifesavers, simply a nice note. It made my day.

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