Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Santa's a Sneaky Dude

My kids had to write three opened ended responses today as a quiz over the Texas Revolution study we've been laboring over for two months now. I just wanted to see what they knew in their own words. WELL. I got some of their own words. I think I spent just a little too much time in writing this year talking about releasing their voice into their stories...

A Sampling of Responses: [original spelling in tact...remember my district doesn't teach spelling]

Which battle in the Texas Revolution do you think was the most important to Texas and why?

"The Battle of the Almo was the most important because Texas whooped up on Mexico. Espeshally Davy Crockett" [the Texans suffered a miserable loss at the Alamo, not sure where this kid got the idea about the "whooping up"]

"Sure a lot of people died in the Alamo, but you gotta admit it made for a preeeeety catchy battle cry later on at San Jacinto." [I liked this one, it made me laugh]

Do you think that Santa Anna should have been tried and executed for his crimes, or do you think Sam Houston did the right thing by letting him return to Mexico after signing the treaty?

"Well, they had to watch out for Santa because he was a pretty snekey dude." [I like how the kids think his first name is Santa]

"If it wasn't for Sam Houston sending Santa Anna back, we wouldn't have any bubble gum." [?!]

"Actually he wasn't all bad. Santa gave Susanna Dickinson presents and set her free after the Alamo was over." [me cracking up madly at teacher desk, pounding with fist]

And, finally, the one that put me over the edge:

"Santa Anna should have been sent to trial and killed because he was being a pussy and trying to hide." End quote.

Need I say more? Delightful youth I teach, these ten year olds! (That last one was Stifler, in case you were wondering.)

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