Monday, April 25, 2005

Bull Penises. And another story you'll never believe...

Wow. There are some people who are so nice it just astounds me. It makes me want to run out and do a random act of kindness. The blog world is a mysterious place. I "met" Jen by finding her blog through links or on Blog Explosion or something random like that. She has a beagle named Sierra who looks very much like Gus and engages in many similar antics.

We've talked beagle talk a lot and she actually understands when Gus does something like, say, eat a baby bunny at a friend's house, or devour an entire loaf of bread while I shower. If you don't own a beagle, I realize it's hard to feel sympathy, but Jen does. She's been there.

So, today! She sent me a present in the mail! Well, it was actually addressed to Augustus Mortimer, but still! Look what she sent me:

It's a bunny toy with a squeaker, shampoo, conditioner, a card, and best of all...bull penises! No one has ever sent me bull penises before! Especially not tied up with a pretty pink ribbon! She says they're to be called "bully sticks." Gus was so excited when he smelled those bad boys that he almost came out of his skin:

I quickly gave him one and he scampered away to examine his new find. It didn't take him long to realize that it was something to be valued and immediately ran to find a place to bury it! He tried first behind a plant:

And then in a bed:

Before he finally decided that he needed to get away from me and my pesky camera. He raced around the house with his contraband for a while, attempting to find a good burial hiding place and hoped for the great outdoors:

At last, I convinced him it was okay to eat it now and he has finally exhausted himself and his jaws after 30 minutes of solid chewing.

Now, the moral of the story: Is that not the nicest thing you've heard today? Sending a stranger a gift box to share with her beloved beagle? And bull penises?? Just makes me want to go out and commit a random act of kindness! I think everyone who is wowed by Jen's generosity to a stranger should go visit her blog and tell her how great she is!

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