Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Innovative Munchies

Dear Room Mom,

I'm really sorry that you forgot to send the note requesting help from the other parents. I realize that putting together snacks for all of the kids in my class to have during the test is time consuming and expensive. I'm certain the other parents would have been glad to help out had they received the letter sooner than the day before the test.

However, in the future, we would be more appreciative if you did not take creative liberties with our list of appropriate snack items. See, when we listed that we would like pretzels for the kids to eat, we didn't really mean candy necklaces. Candy necklaces, while asthetically pleasing, are a) against Texas food law in schools, and b) moderately distracting. It seems when kids have candy affixed to their neck, that it's a lot more interesting than actually attending to the test.

Also, the part of the list that said "grapes"? That really meant that we wanted the kids to have grapes for the snack. I suppose it's understandable that you mistakenly picked up vampire teeth candy instead of grapes, but in the future your attention to detail would be greatly appreciated.

Since we team teach, we often share children as needed to best meet each child's needs. When your child was put in the other classroom, that was not actually "on purpose so she couldn't have the cool snacks." In reality, we were unable to serve your innovative munchies to any of the children, as they were ridiculously inappropriate. However, your child did manage to abscond with several packs of carrots and ranch dressing at the close of school today, so perhaps that will help to heal her damaged psyche.

Lastly, the TAKS test is a significant event which is important to our school, the students, and most parents. It is neither an All Day Eat Fest, nor a "Day 'O Fun". It's very serious and we need your cooperation. If you could adhere to our instructions on future occasions, we would be most grateful. We will save the full sized Nestle Crunch bars, the Sponge Bob Squarepants toys and the 10 Jolly Ranchers per student for a later occasion.

Thanks for all of your support! Together, we can help your child achieve their greatest potential.


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