Tuesday, March 15, 2005


1. Why, oh why, must Blogger log me out every. single. time. I return to it? Even though I diligently check the "Remember Me" box? Why?

2. Why must Gus howl only when I am on the telephone?

3. How would it happen that in one day (a Tuesday, mind you) 6 people dropped me from their Blogmarks? Did I write something offensive? Must have been me single-handedly raising gas prices on Sunday.

4. Why, when I am trying to write down my thoughts, does Gus insist on mating with my couch cushions?

5. What adult in their right mind thought that 600+ elementary school age kids would want to sit through a 30 minute groundbreaking ceremony for the new ($10,000 not spent on books or other necessary materials for learning) pavilion? The groundbreaking ceremony involving 10 gold shovels which was held in the gym because it was raining. The groundbreaking ceremony that lasted 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of the PTA members giving each other awards and making speeches? Seriously! Who thought that was appropriate at the end of the day on a Tuesday??

And now I adjourn to my glass of wine. As you were...


GuusjeM said...

Your PTA raised $10,000! You are indeed at a well off school. Our PTA raies $1000 and considers it a good year. But then I'll never have to sit though a 30 min. groundbreaking with gold shovels!

Anonymous said...

what's a blogmark?

Anne said...

Remember, people take you off "blogmark" when they put you on their blogroll or turn you into a real bookmark!

I have your site linked to on my blog (Annie Rambles) - I think it's great.

Anonymous said...

Do you have cookies enabled for blogger?

Also, I love your sense of humor and that is why I said what I did about you single-handedly raising gas prices on Sunday. If only I had known that your power also extended to control the sounds that one hears on the telephone.

Pigs said...

Okay, Annie made me feel better. My Tuesday is not so bad anymore. But, this anonymous person who first baffled me with gas prices has now completely confused me with phone sounds. What's going ooooonnnnn?? I don't GET it. I'm a pretty smart person, but sheesh.

Dree said...

First of all, your dog is TOO cute. I read you all the time, I think your site's great! I would blogmark you (and a lot of other blogs I read) if only I knew how. I know squat about HTML.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the PTA members at one of the rich schools here. Well, I don't really know that, but I can totally see them doing something like that and getting upset at the teachers if the students weren't totally entranced with the program.

And the dog. . wow. . that's why we always have girl dogs. Well, one of the reasons. Not that we have a dog now since my hubby thinks they are dirty and messy. Now he has added ammuntion. Who needs a dog when they are getting a baby? I guess no one, but I miss having a dog.

Nothing like making this all about me. But I do love your blog, which is why I have to comment so much.


katielady said...

Completely unrelated, you will be pleased to know that I can once again access your site (and mine in order to post) at work! Once again, I am non-productive!

Anonymous said...

Ok I will type slowly so that you can follow. As I wrote in another comment the gas comment was just to make what you did at the store have more impact than it really did on the grand scheme of things. The comment about the phones was in reference to Gus howling anytime you get on the phone.

Got it? Do I need to have Ferris's big sister to explain it to you?

On an unrelated, related note... I thought she did an excellent job in Dirty Dancing as well.

Pigs said...

I surely would like to know who my anonymous clever smart aleck is! The one challenging my intelligence every day! I like 'em!