Wednesday, March 16, 2005


My friend and I are going to Los Angeles next week for part of Spring Break. We will only be there for three full days. Neither of us has ever been there before. We are very much excited little movie star nerds.
Does anyone have any suggestions for cool things we could go see or good places to eat? Or advice? Suggestions? Decent links? That would be simply fabulous if you do! [Dude. A bug just crawled up my computer screen. That was different.]
We will have a car. Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Anonymous said...

so you have computer bugs.

Jen said...

You should drive up the coast and visit me! Tee-hee! And you could meet Sierra, too!

In all seriousness, LA is one of those areas of California that freaks me out. I have some friends who live in the area, but everything is so spread out that it's hard to just say, "Go there."

But, there's always Disneyland! And shopping on Melrose. Or Universal Studios City Walk. Check out the Hollywood Bowl and see if there will be any good concerts. There's also the Getty Museum that's supposed to cool.

katielady said...

Drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) towards Malibu. It's fabulous! And, and, drive up Mulholland Drive to get great views of the city. You might even try searching for the Hollywood sign, I have a picture of me somewhat underneath it, but I have no idea how we got up there, I went with friends. Also, visit Venice Beach and stare at the weird people. And stick your toes in the Pacific, although it will be freezing! I'll ask my friends that live in LA what they suggest. When I visited we just drove around the city and ate at really cool places. Sunset Blvd. is great for people watching, I do remember that.

Matt said...

Wow! Where should I start? Los Angeles can be a little freaky to navigate.

I would agree that CityWalk is cool, but you should check out Hollywood and Highland. That way you can see Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the stars. Sunset Blvd. is awesome for people watching and bar hopping. Beware! Parking in Los Angeles is a disaster (and I live in Washington D.C., so I know a couple of things about parking disasters).

Too bad Griffith Observatory is still closed for rehab. That is my absolute favorite place to visit. I also recommend the Santa Monica pier. A friend of mine swears by Roscoes Chicken and Waffles, but I shudder at the thought.

If you have more time, then you should also check out Orange County or maybe drive down the 5 freeway to San Diego (only two hours away).

I miss my home state :(

Brent said...

Matt is right on...Roscoes Chicken and Waffles is the way to go..I am also a huge fan of IN & OUT burger...

As for celebs, last time I was there we went to a bar called Red Rocks...Here is a rundown on the pseudo-celebs we saw in an afternoon of patio drinking...

-Nat from the Peach Pit on 90210
-Trishelle and other assorted Real World and Road Rules spares
-Julie Bowen from the TV show ED and her then boyfriend David Spade

I would say pretty successful day of sightseeing!

Megan said...

I'm a SoCal teacher (formerly LA resident too), so feel to email me at raindownonme at gmail dot com if you want any extra scoop. I say hang out in Santa Monica since it's beautiful there (you could take PCH to Malibu for a short, beautiful drive). Do Hollywood and Highland, for sure. Sunset Blvd in the West Hollywood section has some great bars (Red Rocks is my personal favorite). Gosh, there's so much more, but too much to mention. Drop me a line if you'd like more scoop. Have a fun, safe trip! :)

Matt said...

It's funny that two people mentioned Red Rocks. I went there and found it to be like most bars. Their patio, however, is a nice place to hang out and people watch. I will admit that much.

leesepea said...

As a So. Cal gal, I have to agree on Hollywood & Highland (, simply for its proximity to Grauman's (, and the Getty Museum ( for its architecture and the gardens, which are spectacular.

Oh, I thought I'd go ahead and add links since no one else seemed to.

As for those who mentioned the Hollywood Bowl, it's off season, which means all scheduled performances are actually being held at the Disney Concert Hall; here's the schedule: It's a GORGEOUS venue and if you plan on seeing anything there it is well worth the price of admission, but don't eat the food there. There is a whole block full of food places within walking distance (in the Arco Plaza on Third & Grand).

CityWalk ( decent; I've never seen any stars there, though, but maybe I've never really looked. Unless you're travelling with kids, Universal Studios isn't really worth it.

If it's shopping you want to do, I prefer the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica ( just for its closeness to the beach (the one with the famous ferris wheel on the Pier), not to mention some cool indie bookstores.

The shops on Melrose ( are okay if you're in your early 20s; personally I think if you've seen one pierced bellybutton you've seen 'em all, but if it's tatooed freaks you're into then I'd head there for sure.

One place to dine at that I would really recommend is the Cat & Fiddle ( on Sunset & Seward. It's best to park on Seward, because the pub itself is tucked away from the street, and once in the courtyard you feel like you're in another world. You may not see stars, but you will see a lot of people PRETENDING to be stars! Plus, at night, all their trees twinkle with white Christmas lights. It's very small but very cool.

That's my run-down on LA.

And I hope this posts okay! :)