Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ta Ta!

Now that I've engaged in extensive Ninja operations to sneak my suitase out the door without Gus' knowledge, I'm off to Los Angeles! Gus knows that something is up. He's been eying me with suspicion ever since the luggage came out of the closet yesterday. Earlier, he parked himself in front of the door to the garage and refused to budge. I'm hoping to slip out undetected without a huge crying scene from Gus. It really does bring down the mood. Ah, well...I'm off!

Wish me many celebrity spottings! See you Monday!


GuusjeM said...

I hope you have/had a wonderful time and that you see everyone you wanted to see - and that Monday, the first day back, isn't to great a shock!

shandi said...

Hey, if you do happen to see any celebs...don't talk to them. They don't seem to like it. You may think they have a sense of humor....they don't. I live near L.A. and have seen plenty of 'em. Most of them are @$$holes. They don't even appreciate it when you lift your shirt to have them sign your breasts.

Tell us about your adventures when you get back.