Sunday, March 20, 2005

Little Thoughts from Little Me

  • I still have no voice. IM is the only way I'm having any interaction with other people. Mike continues to yell questions from across the house and wonder why I don't answer.
  • I spent $200 yesterday on clothes. Oops. But some of it was for a wedding, so that doesn't count. Plus, what else was I supposed to do without a voice? And I got 10% off.
  • I'm on Spring Break! [butterchurn dance]
  • I got to lay out today! The leaves aren't all the way on the trees yet, so the little part of my backyard that actually gets sun is bigger right now. That makes me happy. So do tan lines. And wrinkles.
  • I killed 16 little sweat bees with my bare hands while laying out. They are persistent little buggers.
  • Gus ate 4 of the ones I killed, plus a stick.
  • I'm on Spring Break! [doin' the sprinkler]
  • I got to IM with my traveling buddy about my trip to LA. Thank you to everyone who made suggestions, we are using them!
  • I finally figured out Blogroller and am quite proud of my little list. Still working on Haloscan. Afraid will screw up.
  • I'm on Spring Break! [disco fever]
  • NC State beat Connecticut! Go Wolfpack!
  • I whispered a whole conversation to my mom on the phone last night, v.v. romantic.
  • I would desperately appreciate a home remedy for laryngitis if anybody knows one.
  • Speaking of desperate, Desperate Housewives is actually on tonight, yay!
  • Wasn't this a riveting post? Sadly, it sums up my weekend. My very quiet weekend.


Note: Desperate Housewives is a rerun. This is unfortunate. Also, though it is dark, there is a large tractor plowing up the cornfield behind our fence. Gus is on high alert. Repeat, high alert.


seeingdouble said...

I'm SO pissed about DH... it's been over a month without a new episode! Sorry you have no voice, that sucks. My father-in-law is a teacher here, and his SB is ending tommorrow, so he's pretty bummed. Personally, I can't wait until SB is over, since it doesn't really affect me other than no one being online!

kieran said...

The NC State over UCONN upset totally made my day. If you check out my blog, you'll discover I am a big KU fan. Needless to say, that Bucknell game really cooked my grits.

So, my new joy is watching every other 1-4 seed go down as well. Seeing Wake and UCONN, amongst others, has made me a happy camper so far. Still waiting for Duke and UNC (especially.)

As for laryngitis, I don't know a cure, but I do know something that will make your throat feel better. Warm-lemon-honey-water. Just coat the bottom of a glass with honey, squeeze in a lemon and fill with hot water (similar to tea.)

I usually drink a lot of this when I get ill. It tends to do the trick.

Eddie said...

Look, I can post! Damn those Desperate Housewives people. They dangle the show in front of you and then away all happiness by playing a rerun. Again. I'm boycotting. Ok, not really, I'm too addicted.

Eddie said...

snatch. they snatch it away.

wanda said...

So....what happen to your Texastime clock??