Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's Always Tuesday

I don't know if you noticed. Tuesdays are only one day past Monday. Except that you're tired from getting up on Monday. Tuesdays are not yet halfway through the week. You still have 3 more days to go. Everytime you think about what day it is...it's probably Tuesday. Happens to me all the time. Start paying attention to it. Thus, my phrase, "it's always Tuesday."
If you've ever worked with me, you've been privy to this theory. Every Tuesday, in fact, I share the riveting news that it's Tuesday again. It certainly is a Tuesday today.
I began testing this theory in college. You see, in college, Tuesdays were unfailingly the worst days. On Tuesday/Thursday, my classes were always 90 minutes instead of 60. My attention span pretty much ends at an hour. Tuesdays were unswervingly the day I had labs. Long labs. Usually at night. There were always meetings on Tuesdays. Our deadline for the newspaper was midnight on Tuesday.
I continued analyzing my theory when I began teaching. In NC, teachers are not guaranteed a planning period every day. Every year I taught there, Tuesday was the day I didn't have specials. Tuesday was the day I had my little pumpkins all day without a break. I hated Tuesday. Tuesday was the day of our faculty meetings. Tuesday is always the day I get stuck with duty. There is just something about Tuesdays.
There's never a holiday on Tuesday. Well, maybe Fat Tuesday. But what a terrible name for a holiday! Easter Monday, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday....Fat Tuesday. Then there's Black Tuesday. It's obvious to me that the Depression would have to start on a Tuesday. It's clearly the red-headed stepchild day of the week. You never get a Tuesday off. You have to wait in line to vote on Tuesday. The writing test is always on a Tuesday. 9/11 was a Tuesday. Constantinople fell on a Tuesday. The Greek and the Spanish-speaking world consider Tuesday to be an unlucky day of the week.
So, it's really not just me. This phenomenon has permeated society. It's a historical, world-wide trend. But I coined the phrase "It's Always Tuesday." Feel free to pass on the joy. I'm trying to get this gig to go global.


Badaunt said...

I found a cure for Tuesdays a few years ago, and so far it has been working. Tuesday is the day a bunch of teachers who work or live in the same area meet in a bar after work, and we cheer each other up by drinking wine and telling unkind but funny stories about our students and colleagues.

From April I will have improved this situation even more by somehow ending up with a schedule with a very light Wednesday. My Tuesday schedule, of course, is hell, isn't everybody's? But it improves a lot when you spend it anticipating the Tuesday Night Hen Party. Six hours to go... five hours to go... four hours to go... three hours and 50 minutes to go... (you tend to anticipate more keenly as time passes)

There are ways around Tuesdays!

Eddie said...

I kinda like my Tuesdays because I get to go out to lunch.

jenny said...

both me and my two sisters were born on tuesdays. isn't that odd?

Janet said...

I wrote a similar post about Wednesday awhile back. Wednesday was just jealous though bc Tuesday was getting all the attention via my new blog game at the time, Tell It To Me Tuesdays. Incidentally, since you have the Tuesday blues, you should swing by and play along.

I'm a teacher too, so I blogrolled you and needless to say, I'll be back.:)

Alex said...

You are absolutely right, you know that? Our staff meetings are on Tuesdays, too. Consequently, so was my observation. GRRRR. You're really on to something here :)

seeingdouble said...

I do dislike Tuesdays, except right now the Hubs is off Wednesday and Thursday, so Tuesdays mean the week is finally over for him.

Jan said...

Very good point about Tuesdays. I KNEW I didn't like them for a reason.