Saturday, February 19, 2005

Here's a Quarter.

I really like to write. It's always been fun to play with words and try to make them sound just right, but now I have a venue in which to do it. I love this blog. It's a little gift to me. When I was in fifth grade, I wrote a modern day version of Little Red Riding Hood which I, the nerd of all fifth grade nerds, titled Little Pink Punky Hood. It got a lot of press, that fairy tale. In my version, Punky had a purple boombox on her shoulder and neon clothing. (mid 80's) She used words like "yo" and "dude" to address the wolf. I suspect she also had mall bangs, but I cannot confirm that. So, ever since that little yarn got quasi-published in a local young author's magazine, I've been hooked. I've always been drawn to newpaper work and any opportunity to write a letter or express myself. Basically, I'm mouthy on paper. I think it all goes back to my mom's child-rearing techniques.

I tend to talk a good bit, but I tend to complain a whole lot more. I love to complain! I love to critique! I love to analyze and argue! I am aware that I have a problem. My mom's sarcastic solution to my many grievances was one sentence long. One sentence that she uttered anytime I started griping about something in her presence. It was very simple. She would roll her eyes and say, "Go write a letter." This was her version of my dad's slogan, "Here's a quarter." (Call someone who cares.) I was clearly raised in an environment which strongly supported my need to write. Where would I be if I hadn't had such strong advocates for my literary development behind me? I'm certain that they had my growth in mind at all times.

So from those moments on, I wrote all the time. I kept diaries (hilarious now) and journals (I still read mine from fifth grade to my class and laugh). I wrote diligently for the Trojan Times newspaper in middle school. (don't laugh, that was our mascot.) I didn't write for the newspaper in high school for obvious reasons: it would have interfered with my ability to take driver's ed in school. I picked it up straight away in college and even became editor of my college newspaper. That was my crowning glory when I got a little 5 X 8 space every week to write whatever I wanted. Loved. It. A couple of English professors courted me to major in English, but I had higher standards than that. I couldn't major in English or work in journalism because, obviously, they hardly made any money. So I became a teacher. The irony. And I majored in psychology, which I loved, but if I didn't get a masters or a PhD, then I was very limited in my career opportunities. So there I was - teaching!

I swore I would never be a teacher. Virtually every woman in my family is a teacher or some semblance of one. I wanted to be different. I tried every major that my college offered. I tried really hard to like math. And German. And biology. As a result, I have a very unique transcript. While dabbling in psychology, I accidentally took a course called Educational Psychology. It involved field work in elementary schools. I sneered. I rolled my eyes. Then I went. And darn if I didn't love it! I was flabbergasted and reluctantly picked me up an elementary education degree to go with my psychology.

So here I am, teaching writing! It all went full circle. I wound up getting paid to do what I love anyway; I write all day and get paid a simply ginormous salary to do it. There's even a TAKS test for me to show how great my kids are at writing. Coming up on Tuesday, that test. Which is the reason I haven't had much to post all week. TGIF. Well, TGIS. I had to get a good night's sleep first. Bygones. The point of this ramble was that I heart my blog. It's some bizarro form of therapy, I think. And it makes me happy. So there. :o)


GuusjeM said...

Best of luck on Tuesday - I'm making Brownies for my 4th grade teachers that day! I hate what TAKS does to writing - it totally kills any love it. By 5th grade the kids GROAN at the thought of having to write - and as you say, it's such a joy. But come to think of it, I hate TAKS period. The shurb who thought it up.

wanda said...

....and you doubt my child rearing techniques. See, I knew you would one day love writing so I gave you the opportunity to develop your skill. Besides, it was much more peaceful(as in quiet) for you to write your grievances than to voice them (and it took longer). When you get on a wild hair, you just keep going and going and going until you wear someone down. (example: Mike and the mascara .... nuff said)

Julie said...

I heart your blog, too!

Eddie said...

Good luck to the kiddos on TAKS! You can take it easy after that, no?

MM said...

I just have to tell you that I love your Blog too. I have so much fun reading all your blogs and you are so faithful about wirting a new one just about every day. I can thank your Dad as I work in his office and he introduced me to your writing about a year or so ago. I have begged him to give me more because I love your style of writing so much. There is not one that I have read that I did not laugh out loud. I think you are very talented and it drives me crazy that you are doing this for free!!! Anyway thanks for the wonderful blogs and please do not stop!!!