Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Formal Retraction

After a 12 hour search and rescue, Mike's wedding band has been located. Repeat, the ring has been discovered. I must now go humbly into the backyard and take down all of the markers I posted noting Gus' most recent deposits. We have issued a formal apology to Gus. His good name has been restored in this particular missing jewelry occurence. It has not, however, been restored in any of the prior instances for which we retain proof retrieved from the evidence(s) collected. We also reserve the right to harbor hydrogen peroxide in the cabinet for possible future retrieval purposes. That will be all.


posthipchick said...

my husband lost his wedding ring like a month after we were married.
sign of true love= i didn't even care!

wanda said...

So....where WAS the ring? The suspense is killing me. The last time (and there have been a few) that DJ Honky Ed lost his wedding ring, he found it under his recliner after searching for about three weeks.

I can't believe you blamed poor Gus for this ;)