Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Big Changes

I sat through a Very Important Meeting today on how to administer The Test. We have to learn about the Big Changes from the year before. Big Changes include things like this: Last year the manual read: When finished with test, students may quietly read a book. This year it says: When finished, students may quietly read a book or rest. So you can see that there was clearly a need to assemble the staff for an hour after school to review policy. Other items on the agenda included "Do not give students answers on the test" and "Do not read test to student." It was an hour well-spent.


jenny said...

that's the spirit! ;)
*giggle* (never over-estimate people again.)

Agate said...

Hehehe. Only an hour? In my northern school it would have been longer because everything would have to be translated into French and Inuktitut as well. And were you lucky enough to have some silly teacher share all his/her complaints and opinions about the test than nobody can do anything about anyway? I love that.

GuusjeM said...

I endured a 45 min. meeting on "not erasing stray marks" and was told "don't tell the kids the answer". Duh! And in the meantime the Houston ISD is under serious investigation because some teachers did just that! Next week is going to be a killer week.