Monday, January 24, 2005

With a Capital H

Hey guess what? I found out what trigger point injection is! And it hurts! But more about that later. I talked to the doctor and he was appropriately sympathetic and apologetic about his front office staff and even asked me if it was "the big one named Vonda." HA! Then he gave me his personal extension and told me to make my appointments through him if I would stay. THEN, he did my follow up, PLUS my treatment which was supposed to be two separate visits and two copays. Nice, huh? So I am happy with my reparation.
However, let's talk about this trigger point injection because that's really my Big News. He was alarmed that I still had knots in my shoulder after all my physical therapy, so he suggested a little trigger point. Now, I don't know about you, but that name just sounds gross to begin with."A little trigger point," he says. Making it sound like a fun game, really. I asked what this little ditty entailed and he suggested I let him do it, then he'd tell me. Never a good sign. But I was all trusting with afterglow of my two-in-one copay deal I'd scored. So I agreed.
And the sadist began his little game. He figured out which of my muscles were still sore and tight. He then plunged a needle into one. ("A little pinch," he said.) That would have been okay. I'm not squeamish about needles and I don't mind blood. However.
I do have slight issues with what came next. As I sat there [in little gown on cold doctor table, mind you] he began to squirrel the needle around inside my muscle. That's right, campers! Squirrel. As in, poke and jab and break stuff up. He later told me that he was, "heh, heh, actually physically breaking up the knots in there." With a needle! After several moments of this kicky little bit 'o fun, he started to swing the needle from side to side until - HELLO! - he caused the muscle to spasm. "Found it!" he announced as though he had struck oil. Then he injected a whole bunch of Something Really Important That Will Cure Me in there. Yummy.
"Now let's do the other one!" he says giddily and starts plundering away somewhere between my neck and shoulder. And we repeated the fun-ness all over again!
Well, that was nifty! Good fun for sure. Now I'm home and it's several hours later and it Hurts. Capital H hurts. Of course it hurts, you ninny, he ripped your muscle apart so you could feel better! Silly Ginny. I'm supposed to play tennis tomorrow night. We'll see how that goes.But there is some good news: I can bend my head to the right for the first time since June! So, thumbs up for this procedure! Now if I can just lift my left arm off the keyboard where it's resting heavily. Will need other hand...yes. There. Happy Tuesday!


Rattl'n along said...

I am so glad that you took a positive step to resolving your issue with the front office. Perhaps, now that he has had another patient complain about Vonda (her discription fits her name) :), he will do something about her.

Keep us posted about the squirreled muscle.

Keeping the marbles moving.

katielady said...

I have heard of that before, actually. Not a pleasant thing, but if it gets the knots out I'd say it's worth it. Maybe I should look into this, as I have permanent knots in my shoulders. Probably not, as they are not debilitating enough to not move my head. But at least I know someone who's done it now!

Way to work the system on one co-pay! Good girl! Sounds like a good doctor, glad it worked out well for you.

Dex said...

First of all, I'm glad you went. I'm also happy that the doctor is not in the Vonda-mold, and he just got one more complaint about her. Maybe that will do something about it. I hope so, it sounds like he made very positive efforts in rectifying the situation.

Now, about the needle jabbing, I'm trying to think of alternatives...

Acupuncture? No, basically the same thing, just no squirreling. And you may be subjected to Patchouli. I have a feeling that's not for you ;)

Chiropractic? Dunno if it's applicable

Deep tissue massage? If you're anything like Steph in the massage dept, this is a "Hell No" but I'm wondering if it's something to consider?

Glad you're feeling better--

Technicolour Nightmare said...

Have to admit to having a good giggle at the image of your doctor behing you saying 'Let's play a game' and holding a needle you don't see with a manical grin.
Hope it the pain dissipates.

Pigs said...

Ah...the advice of Scott. What would I do without it? Dex's comments are my favorites to read because they always give advice or try to fix the problem. :o)
I'm not sure how I feel about acupuncture, but it couldn't be worse than the squirreling. I have done much deep tissue massage since November, since that's where my physical therapist sent me when I couldn't get into the doctor. That works great for about a week or so. What else did he suggest? Can't remember. But good ones! You know the field!