Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Home Sweet Texas

We're back! We made our two trips across the southeastern US this week uneventfully. Our route was:
Dallas to Mt. Croghan, SC
Mt. Croghan to Myrtle Beach and back
Mt. Croghan to Greensboro
Greensboro to Asheboro and back
Greensboro to Charlotte
Charlotte to Seagrove
Seagrove to Greensboro
Greensboro to Dallas.
I'd say we broke Lucy in nicely. She is in severe need of a bath, as is Gus the Beagle. Gus the Beagle had several adventures as well. He had his first trip to the beach, where he chased seagulls and ate old cigarettes. He thoroughly explored the Mt. Croghan Property, diving into briar patches and pulling on his harness so hard he wore his fur off his belly. And then came his Great Escape, courtesy of Grandpa Ed. Grandpa Ed "just forgot" to close the gate [third year in a row now], and so Granddog Gus "just happened" to walk out and go exploring. This of course completely flipped Mike and I out and about 40 minutes of me roaming the neighborhood screaming Gus' name and shaking the puppy chow cup ensued. With my wet hair and no makeup, I spoke to neighbors I hadn't talked to since high school. I rang doorbells of high school buddies in hopes of enlisting help. I even warmed up to the lady whose husband tried to sue my dad for hitting him with his car. (Grandpa Ed has a weak track record all around.) In the end, Mike found Gus trotting nonchalantly up the street as if to say, "Were you looking for me?" and all ended well.
Christmas started out a little shaky as I opened up a magnet, some corn cob holders, a garlic press, and a stuffed bull all in a row, but picked up soon thereafter with a new tennis bag and a fancy lighted magnifying makeup mirror. (Imagine the plucking I can do now!) I enjoyed a trip to Seagrove where Mike's people know how to cook right and I loaded up on food I hadn't eaten in at least a year: fried okra, collards, butterbeans, pork vinegar bar-b-que, and sweet tea.
On the way home, we set a new record: 17 hours flat! We rolled into the overly-icicle-lighted-too many-illuminated-inflatable-Christmas-icons-overkill-of-yard-art-outlined-yards-that-look like-landing-strips-multi-colored-wonderland that is our neighborhood and we were home. We unpacked, rebelliously clicked on our tiny window candles that are too tame for this 'hood and went to bed.


katielady said...

Ginny, they sell okra in Texas. You may actually have to go IN to Dallas (quick intake of breath there), but it DOES exist. However, if you don't know how to cook it, I can't help you.

In New York, I have to actually EXPLAIN what it is. How do you explain okra?

And my mother-in-law makes a mean pitcher of sweet tea! ;)

Pigs said...

In Ohio they had okra in the Chinese food section. You might try there. I'm sure some Texans can cook okra, but the description of the fried okra added to the essence of my plate of fried goodness. It's all about the essence.