Sunday, November 21, 2004

Random Pondering for the Day

I am super-impressed by newspaper service. In an age of high-tech speed-driven people, the newspaper delivery method is really quite antiquated. The fact that they manage to deliver the Dallas Morning News to millions of driveways all over the Metroplex area before 6am is just mind-boggling to me. And this morning was the first time in 2 and a half years that we haven't gotten a paper. But when I called, they apologized profusely and had one on my doorstep within the hour! I was expecting them to just credit my account.
And who are these people? Have you ever known someone as an adult who delivers newspapers for their job? And who's the poor delivery guy who is still low on the totem pole who gets stuck with the apartment complexes? They have to run up and down all those stairs. And remember who gets a paper and who doesn't. In the dark!
This is definitely a job for my list of jobs I do not want, but I am impressed with the people who do it. They should do one of those Bud Light commercials for the newspaper delivery guy.

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Eddie said...

Actually, the other day I was waiting for my car to get an oil change, and I got into a conversation with another woman waiting for her own car. She was a newspaper deliverer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch. She gets up at 2am every day and usually finishes sometime before lunch. On Sundays she doesn't finish until 4 because of Sunday-only people. The newspaper company makes her buy the papers, and the only money she makes is the profit from ratcheting up the prices so she can make a little money for delivery. And I'm sure she'd love the apartments, since she had the rural route (OK, everything here is rural), for which she has to drive 2 miles down a dirt road to deliver one paper. Imagine when it starts to snow! Based on this, I'd prefer the apartments. You can get a ton of papers delivered in a short amount of time and in a concentrated space. :-B