Saturday, November 20, 2004

For Old Times' Sake...

From my first year or so of teaching when I was still learning the language...

While working with four little girls at school today:

"Ain't we fun to teach? You ought to teach all girls!" says Ashle. I explained to her that I had gone to an all women's college and that I thought teaching girls might be nice every once in a while.
"You went to college?! Oh, SNAP! She went to college!" She looked around the table in relative awe as she shared this revelation with her peers.
"Are you marry?!" They all leaned in to await my responses.
(Me, overwhelmed with questions) I shook my head yes to college, no to marriage.
"You ain't marry yet? You got any kids?" They all nodded eagerly at the logical question and looked to me once more.
Sigh. I shook my head again. I skipped over the kids-before-marriage debacle and started to tell them about a women's college and how it's fun to be at an all girl's school because you don't have to worry about how you look and you can go to class in your pajamas, etc. when I was interrupted amid my appealing description.
"Wait, you stayed there?" Child #1 asked with her brow furrowed in confusion. I paused, a little befuddled myself, and said that yes, I had attended all four years at the one school.
"NO, you stay there, doe?" she emphasized with a bang of her hand on the reading table. (I thought quickly, well, not anymore because clearly I graduated, and I'm teaching 4th grade here, as they can obviously see and...OH! She means I lived there! Lightbulb goes on!) I nodded vigorously, now thoroughly off topic but in sync with my students, and I enthusiastically explained the concepts of dorms, roommates, suitcases, and the like. My brief description was met with unexpected zest from 10 year olds who were struggling on a 2nd grade reading level.
"Yo! I'm goin' there! I'm going there!" Fists began to punch in the air accompanied by vigorous head nodding.
"Me too. I'm gonna stay there too!" the rest of my challenged readers echoed with fervor.

We took a quiet moment for this new knowledge to permeate. Taking advantage of the intense concentration, I took a breath to start talking about character development again, when....
"Hold up - you done high school too?" Four faces turned, stricken, to look at me.

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