Saturday, November 27, 2004


So, I caught myself MOUTHING CHICAGO LYRICS IN PUBLIC today. Just pushing my cart and singing along to Chicago! "You bring meaning to my life...." [grab frozen peas, slight head bob to tune] Am I becoming one of those people? People who sing along to musak in the frozen foods aisle? What if I hum in elevators and I don't know it?


katielady said...

Bad sign....very bad sign. I do it too, though. But in my grocery store it's usually some hip-hop song that I don't know, but am bopping my head along to the kickin' beat. That, or old Madonna, which I ALWAYS sing along to!

jeannebean said...

I have to say - I do this way too often and I didn't even realize I was doing it until a friend pointed it out! Now I catch myself doing it constantly. Can be very embarassing! By the way, I am a frined of Tina's, who is a friend of Stephanie's, and I enjoy reading you blog very much :-)