Tuesday, April 05, 2011


We survived the storm. It was loud, flashy and bangy, but no trees fell on the house and nothing caught on fire, so I consider that a success. My lack of sleep from staying awake waiting for something bad to happen severely affected my judgment today. I decided - today being Tuesday - that this would be a great day for erranding and catching up.

Delivered a book to a neighbor
Delivered coupons to a neighbor
Delivered cat treats to a neighbor
Delivered a check to a neighbor
Returned books to library
Bought $55 of gas (!!!!) for my car
Went to the bank
Bought groceries, saving 52% (not bad for having two kids with me)

Then we came home and had lunch. Just to complete the Tuesday, I decided to take them up to the outlets and buy them their yearly pairs of Crocs, which are pretty much the only shoes they wear all summer, which is the only reason I'm willing to pay for them.

Are you as excited as I was?? It was a thrill a minute. I didn't clean anything today. I should probably feel bad about that. What kind of stay at home mom/housewife am I? Just a slob, I am. To add to the mess in the house, I now have to go chase Gus a few laps. I made the mistake of giving him a rawhide bone to entertain himself and now his head is about to explode with excitement. He can't just eat a bone, he has to hide it. In the last two hours, it's been in Piglet's closet, under a couch cushion, behind a chair in the living room, and (my favorite) under my pillow. He's on the brink of exhaustion, but he can't rest. It's hard to be Gus.

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AMPlifier said...

You are one generous neighbor!  And who cares if you go a day (gasp!) without cleaning.  Wouldn't it have gotten messed up in an hour anyway?