Friday, April 15, 2011

"I've never really said this to a patient before, but..."

This is how my eye doctor began to awkwardly explain to me that I had to take a pregnancy test before he would clear me for cataract surgery. Apparently, this situation doesn't come up often. This situation being 34 year old women with working reproductive organs in for cataracts.

So that's where I've been! Tired of typing/reading with one eye and staying away from the computer. That coupled with my new iPhone has kept me off ye old machine! (New iPhone is fun toy! If you have favorite apps, please share!)
Somewhat unrelated side note: Do not play tennis with one eye. The depth perception issues are not your friend.
Long story short, I'm having cataract surgery on Tuesday. They even gave me a pair of those old folks' wrap around post-surgery shades! There are so many possibilities for those bad boys I don't even know where to begin. I'm considering doing a calendar: Me, Pigs, month by month posed in seasonally appropriate scenes wearing the cataract shades. Would you buy it? Tell me you would.
I apologize for my absence and I promise to have copious stories after I get my eye back. Please cross your fingers, sing carols to the eye lords, and dance the Sight Restoration Kicky Jig that this surgery will work and I will be able to see more than a white cloud from my left eye.


AMPlifier said...

I would buy the calendar, provided the July shot is of me and you chugging a PBR in the pool with you wearing said shades this summer.

AMPlifier said...

(Since July is my bday month, and I'm visiting then and all.)

Aims said...

Only you would end up with your surgery scheduled on a Tuesday of all days.