Monday, April 04, 2011

Auntie Em!

Why do days seem so much longer when a child gets up at 6:30am? Oh, wait...because they ARE. Pigpen, I suppose, was just so excited about beginning spring break that he popped up out of bed before the sun came up. I was not nearly as enthusiastic as he.

After dragging around for an hour or so, I got some coffee in me and started moving. We were at the gym by 9:30 and I was ready to pump it. After a week out on puke leave, it was tough to jump back in. But I rallied! I even took the boys to the park afterward where I acquired a really fetching workout top-shaped sunburn. You'd think 86 degrees would be a clue for me. The boys didn't get theory is that they move so fast that the sun can't catch them.

The day can't stay merry. You can be sure that I had to clean up some poop. Let me preface this story by saying that my kids eat a lot of fruit. I mean, a lot of fruit. Pigpen won't touch a vegetable, but he lives for fruit. As a result, my children manufacture what we call soft serve. There are not a lot of turds spotted around here.

Well, during nap I had the NERVE to take a shower. (!!) Unfortunately, when I got out, I heard Piglet calling desperately that he needed to go to the bathroom. I bolted upstairs and sprung him to the bathroom where he....didn't quite make it. There were blobs places. Floor, bathmat, underwear, shorts, leg, wall. It was a mess. And I got to clean it up in my bathrobe with my hair still in a towel. Mmmmmmm.

There's nothing else I can tell you after that. Mr. Pigs is working late. There is a storm headed this way, which the weatherman just told me cheerfully contains massive wind gusts and baseball-sized hail. We have had several hail-related storms in the last six months and we are looking into a roof replacement from damage. (About a third of our neighborhood has already replaced. Apparently, there is consistent damage around.) So the guy was supposed to come today, but rescheduled for tomorrow with this pending storm in mind. He sounded like a kid on Christmas. It sounds like my roof is about to blow off. I'll be glued to the weather for the next two hours in case we need to relocate to the basement. Wish us well.

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Nonni said...

Absolutely wishing you well.  We experienced a monstrous hail storm 6 years ago, 4 weeks before my son was to be married in our backyard.  It was the second weekend of spring break, and I had just spent the whole week putting out over $300.00 worth of bedding plants so as to have beautiful flowers at the wedding.  The hail was the size of large tangerines and lasted for 30 minutes!  It stripped every new leaf off of every tree, and pounded all the flowers into the ground.  I videotaped the storm.  My dad said I should send the tape to the local TV station for airing on the news, but I couldn't because of all the swearing.  Yep, I don't remember using that much profanity in a 30 minute period at any other time in my life.  We got a new roof out of it at least...