Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are having SO MUCH FUN!

Coming to you live from my living room. You know, where I've been SINCE SATURDAY. Hey, want to hear a funny joke? What happens when you live in a wee metropolis of approximately five million people and they all share ELEVEN snow plows? Oh, wait....that's not really that funny.
Okay, so it's not all bad. If you enjoy things like being trapped in your house with your 2 and 4 year old cavepeople who don't know how to walk or sit or talk in an appropriately volumed voices, then okay. Maybe it's fun. Perhaps you enjoy frigid temperatures and the sounds of people sledding and screaming outside your windows at 11pm. If your husband is used to being trapped inside his home for 5 days with two small cavepeople while he's trying to work, maybe that doesn't cause him stress.
But it kind of does us.
Mr. Pigs got desperate today and decided to try to get the car out. Now, if you noticed the pictures I posted yesterday, you can see that we live on a bit of a hill. Well, he pointed his front wheel drive Honda Accord straight down that hill and went for it. He even got up the opposing hill, but failed to clear the final mountain out of the 'hood. Drat. He attempted some snow chains before slipping back home, shame-faced, and parking in the cul-de-sac at the bottom of the hill. He hoofed it back to our house and spent another day not getting enough work done.
Gus is terribly bored. He's started rooting around, hunting under the snow. He can walk on the top frozen layer without breaking it, but if he digs down, he can walk under it. Today, he brought home a chewed up, mangled chipmunk/mole/mouse critter in his mouth. The whole family has taken a couple of steps back down the evolutionary chain.
I really felt like I'd gone back in time when neighbors started bartering in the streets. Apparently, a gallon of milk for a bottle of wine is fair trade. I mean, not that I'd know. I just heard somewhere.
That's really all I can leave you with. We've sledded, stomped snow, and slid on ice. We've colored, we've built forts, we've done Play-Doh. All the laundry has been done, toilets are cleaned, granola bars baked. Puzzles have been put together, Memory has been played, Skype has been chatted. We've given haircuts, taken bubble baths, and raced garbage trucks. I'm not sure what tomorrow brings because I'm fresh out of ideas. . I miss mail and UPS and Amazon shopping. Well, okay, let's be honest. I miss the Amazon deliveries. The shopping I've done.
Today the sun came out and Piglet said, "Mommy! The sun's out! Can we drink the milk now?" My rationing is starting to take a toll. I'm ready for someone to bring me a mule to pull me to the grocery store. Or the gym. I should probably start at the gym.
Now accepting tips for amusing small cavepeople during a snowtastic good time. Did I mention that school is canceled all week? Just checking.


Meredith said...

This is probably not what you may have thought I would pick up on out of your entire post, but could you tell me more about these granola bars you have baked?  :) I have yet to do this successfully.  

Aims said...

This sounds horrible! We may have -20 degree temps and snow up to our ears, but at least they have us plowed out within a few hours. I can't imagine being stuck in the house without ability to run errands and such. Much sympathy coming your way!