Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pigs' Anatomy

Well, since Christmas wasn't lively enough, Piglet decided to spice things up yesterday by taking a nap. If you've read for very long, you know that Piglet has always been quite opposed to sleep in most forms. He dropped his morning nap at 9 months (Pigpen kept that one until 19 months), he dropped his afternoon nap a few months after he turned 2 (Pigpen is still going strong with that one at 2.5), and he only sleeps at night "to make morning come faster". His words, not mine.

So, after all of our holiday traveling hullaballoo, the boys swung dramatically from the overtired stage (involves awakening at 6am, being hideously cranky for many hours, then being wild at quiet time) to the catch up stage. The catch up stage involves sleeping in, long naps, and any naps at all from Piglet. Which brings us to yesterday when he decided to catch some zzzz's during quiet time. Unfortunately, he caught said zzzz's on the edge of his bed, instead of in the middle where he normally slumbers. He was sleeping so deeply that he fell - dead weight - to the floor, landed on his shoulder and screamed bloody murder. Probably not a great way to wake up from a nap that you didn't mean to take.

Soooo....several phone calls later, I got a sitter to stay with Pigpen and took a writhy Piglet to the children's urgent care. He was adorably scared about what was going to happen to him, his little shaky voice kept asking, "Am I going to be okay?" and "After they take the picture, can we go home?" After a couple of x-rays and some gentle poking and prodding, the verdict was a broken collarbone. Shudder.

If you know me at all, you'll know that I have an extreme case of heebie jeebies when it comes to collarbones. A full body tremor just tore through me when I typed the word, and I had a blinding flashback of my sister pinning me to the floor in fights and grabbing handfuls of my collarbones to make me shriek and say uncle. Or when she would stick hers out, make them pronounced and grab at them like handles.

Oh, dear Lord. Too much detail. Please excuse me a moment while I vomit. I am switching to the word "clavicle".

Piglet, fortunately, is much tougher than I am. Once they set him up with a little strap doohickey to hold his shoulder in place, he just wanted to go home and eat some yogurt. He slept all night last night and took it easy today....the only glitch when we had to take his shirt off last night. That problem was quickly solved by cutting the side out of an undershirt and avoiding shirts that don't button or zip. Apparently, the collarbone is a good bone to break, as it heals very quickly. He's only banned from sports for two weeks, much to his relief.

To wrap up our family health news, I had a CT scan today for the first time since the one I had in the hospital right after I had Pigpen. (Boy, I've been around a lot of radiation in the last 24 hours!) I went poking back in my blog to June 2008 when Pigpen was delivered early due to my first round of pesky kidney stones. I got a good laugh out of reading the month of June. [Sidenote: my memory is so bad that I can't remember things that happened in my own life. When I read old posts on my blog, it's like reading someone else's writing. I even laugh when I'm not supposed to.) ANYWAY. I had a CT scan and the news is good! I'm kidney stone free! Well, mostly. He said there's one in my left kidney that's 3mm and should pass on its own, should it decide to move along. Whew.

And the best news? All of these procedures took place AFTER we met our deductible, but two days before the new one starts! Yahooo! Now, I'm off to reread June 2008 and read my People magazine. I simply MUST see Neil Patrick Harris' new twins.

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