Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today's post should be called "Are you serious?", but I haven't written it yet, so let's see what happens. Today I embarked upon one of my favorite adventures: traveling with toddlers. And a beagle. Let's make that the Gassy Beagle and just jump right in there. Gus....emitted.....fumes everytime he stood up, adjusted, or turned around on the five (5) hour drive. This may be the last time he is allowed to sit in the front seat next to me. It was most distracting, but the boys were remarkably good, so I should really be tolerant of the dog gas.

I should back up and mention that while the boys were in preschool this morning, I had the luxury of packing the three of us in peace. I packed everything neatly, crossed things off lists, made sure that I didn't forget the boys' bathroom stuff like I did last time, it was beautiful. Pretty sure I skipped around some. I remembered to pack things that were pure genius. Belts! Matching shoes! Pajamas! Conditioner! Perfectly perfect. And so quiet! I neatly loaded the car and was off.

I picked up the boys from school early and set off for a fairly easy trip. Aside from Piglet shaking Pigpen's arm during his nap ("Are you alive Pigpen? PIGPEN??") and fully opening an umbrella while I was driving, it went fairly well. We made one rather urgent stop for Piglet to pee on the side of the road at a truck stop (always keeping it klassy over here), and from there we busted right on through. "Made good time!" I muttered to myself, Clark Griswold style, as I began to unload the car. It was several minutes later, that I realized my error.

I had left an entire suitcase in Atlanta. That would be the one with my shoes, my hairbrush, all of my makeup, medicine, toothbrush, flat iron, my GLASSES! Did I mention my SHOES?! Perhaps this would be the time to mention that not only am I going to see Eddie this weekend, but I am also meeting a former student of mine tomorrow for lunch. A student whom I haven't seen, oh....since she was TEN and she's now in college and I HAVE NO SHOES OR HAIRBRUSH! Not to mention I can't see. And I've been having all these problems with my contacts for months now and I'm not supposed to wear them that long, and I have no glasses. OH THE HORROR.

So, now? Instead of relaxing at my parents' house in the morning? I get to drive back to Charlotte (1.5 hours) and back home again (another 1.5 hours). Thank goodness, Mr. Pigs is going through Charlotte tomorrow on his way to his parents' house and can bring it. But I'm still going to be unclean and besmirched. This is just an obscene waste of time. And gas. But at least, I won't have Gus gas on this trip, I suppose. I'm pretty sure this post will now be called Gas. Wish me luck.

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Laura B. said...

Ugh!  That sucks.  You'd think it was a Tuesday!  Glad the boys were good on the trip!