Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It always comes back to boobs, somehow.

Well, I'm still what we will call "ver-ver" annoyed with the whole YMCA fiasco, but the director did call me and had talked to the lifeguard, etc. Whatever. I'm still going to call her back to discuss what I think was the severity of the situation. Today, though, I realized that she - the aquatics director - also happens to be Piglet's swimming teacher. Hmmm. Didn't make that connection before. She's quite a good instructor, however I still think she needs to rethink this lifeguard. GAH.

On a happy YMCA note, I went to the gym for my initiation/training/ learning thinger this morning and really liked it. It's so idiot proof that even I can do it. The machines tell you at each station what settings you need, how many reps, they track your range of motion so you are doing the exercise correctly, and then when you're done they tell you where to go next. Working out for dummies! It's pretty cool. And I get to enter all my cardio too, even my tennis from off site. It counts calories and I can win prizes. 'Cause you know I'm really working out to get a free whistle.

Also, Pigpen did reasonably well in their childcare play area. Piglet has already declared that he hates it, despite having never been to it, so that will be fun later. Bygones.

I can't think of any other fun and exciting news around here. I finally found a new comforter after hunting for six months....that was thrilling for me, but I'm going to guess it's not what you came here to read about.

I have a pet peeve I can talk about? Ready? People who wear tennis clothes for the sake of wearing tennis clothes. I have a very annoying acquaintance (who also parks in the handicapped parking spot at the preschool simply because she's entitled, but that's another rant for another day) who apparently really wants people to know she works out. Or something. I can't quite figure it out. I mean, lots of people pick up at preschool in their gym clothes or tennis clothes, but they have actually been working out. This woman just seems to wear the outfits as far as I can tell. Today, she had on a full tennis matchy-match ensemble that was pretty darn skimpy for preschool pick up at 12:45. She had clearly not actually played tennis, judging by her hair and makeup. Out of nosiness, I check the neighborhood calendar and saw that they had scheduled tennis lessons from 4-6 at the courts. I guess she was ready early. Of course, she's also the person who proudly drank a huge magnum sized bottle of pinot grigio with one friend at the neighborhood park while her children played. 'Cause that's not an accident waiting to happen. I'll just finish up that rant now. Did I mention she posted it on Facebook? Okay, done.

I'm kind of proud that I'm keeping up with my reading again. There were a couple of years there where I didn't get anywhere close to my book a week goal, but I seem to be back in the saddle again. I'm working on #16 right now, which is only about a week or two off of my goal and I haven't stooped to any teen lit yet. (If anyone has any good teen lit, I'm ready for a light one.) I am also not ashamed to admit that I'm on the waiting list at the library and on Paperback Swap for Ann M Martin's prequel to the Babysitter's Club. THAT'S RIGHT. Shut it.

Oh, an update on the Great Panty Search 2010: AMP and I have both agreed that the Gap hipster low rise unkies are about the closest that we've been able to find. Thank you all for your help and input. Do tell if you have found anything else. Also, chime in if you have any ideas for me regarding sports bras. It seems that some of mine are now too big (did you know that was possible??) and the ones that fit smash me so flat I look like a 12 year old boy. One who got sat upon. In the chest region. I asked at my YMCA training appointment today if they had a "Boob Maker" machine and she said no. Then she mentioned push ups. Then everything got fuzzy and I had some sort of 5th grade flashback involving a Presidential Fitness Test and some shame. boobs.

Do let me hear from you. I've missed y'all terribly. Kisses all around.

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