Friday, April 30, 2010

Growl. I posted last night, but it didn't post. The summary was that Piglet's preschool program was last night and there was a video that wouldn't upload. Why can't I upload videos on my computer? Why?! They won't go to Facebook, Blogger, Flickr, or YouTube. It's most vexing.

If you could see the video, you would witness two boys slapping each other mid-performance and Piglet not participating, but almost toppling off the stage when he smiled too hard at his daddy. Got that? Good, cause that's apparently all that I can show you.

I am having one of those days during which one or both boys wants to climb me, hang on me, be held, or cry. There are yard sales all over the neighborhood and cars galore. I'm not participating until tomorrow because I couldn't figure out how to do it alone with the boys. We had playgroup at my house this morning, but all my kids did was destroy the playroom (Piglet), leap from one piece of furniture to another (Pigpen), and run away from me at a yard sale amid traffic (Piglet). Piglet has two punishments coming his way, but I'm trying to think creatively.

Now I must rest. I have had a headache since last Friday. These two statements aren't really related, but it's a summary of my state of being.

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