Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Today's Preschool Lesson brought to you by Budweiser.

Whattup, 2010?! How'd that happen? Christmas was a zoo. There was a vast amount of traveling, many presents (HOW did all these toys get into my house, I ask you??), and waaaay too much eating.

I was all, "Hey, chasing kids around keeps you skinny!" and my jeans are all, "Yeah, and eating dessert from Halloween to New Year's sure doesn't!" My jeans and I have since had a real heart to heart, er...zipper and we have things sorted out. We have decided that it is critical that we get the Christmas fudge, leftover cookies, Halloween candy, stocking stuffers, Breyer's ice cream, and 8 packs of cookie dough that were free at Publix OUT of this house. After the Girl Scout cookies come, I will get right on this, because really....what's the point before then? Exactly.

After Christmas, we came back home, unpacked, repacked, imported my parents and went on a ski trip for New Year's Eve and the weekend. It was the first time we've been away from kids since, oh.....having them. While it seems like the most memorable moment of the weekend should be when Eddie managed to jiggle the fondue pot right off of its flame and spill oil completely down the front of her pants, all over a chair and finally the carpet [did I mention our rental condo with accidental insurance?], it was not. Nor was it watching her boyfriend apply fake eyelashes to her or when I nearly broke my brain bashing my head into the handle of the impossibly tiny shower stall. It wasn't even the three times that I fell down standing in line for the snow tubing conveyor belt. No, no. The most memorable moment of the trip was when I found myself dressed and ready for dinner, sitting in the den with nothing to do. I was so confused for a few minutes. Then I slowly leaned back on the couch, propped up my feet, popped open a can of salt and vinegar Pringles, and opened a book. WHAT IN THE WORLD? It was like I'd gone back in time 5 years. All of this luxury! The lying down! The propping! The reading during daylight hours from material not also available in board book! Insanity, I tell you.

The trip was a lot of fun. Eddie complained a lot - it was cold, the lines were long, the oil was oily....but it was really a treat to get away. I even delighted in waiting in line for my rental skis for an hour and a half in the most inefficient line possible and chatting up strangers. OH, the bliss.

Since being home, the most exciting things I've done are take down my Christmas decorations and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I'm not lying - I CANNOT stop watching that show. It's like 30 minutes of free brain rot, but I'm telling you, I can't stop. I'm pretty sure my IQ is dropping each Sunday night at 10 by at least a handful of points.

Ooh, but guess what? Pigpen started preschool today. On a Tuesday, mind you - a risky game around here. But he started. And I had FOUR HOURS to clean! Bathe! Organize! I changed my vacuum cleaner bag! Do you know how long it had been? I don't either, but the filth was about 8 inches higher than the handy line indicated it should be for safe suctioning. Aw, he was so cute, the sad little second child. Last night I realized that he didn't have a lunchbox or a backpack. Poor Pigpen had to head to school with a brown diaper bag and Piglet's old lunch box with Piglet scratched out and Pigpen written in. Poor, poor Pigpen. He cried when I left him, but the teacher (who Piglet had last year and I love!) said he did really well for his first day and didn't cry much at all. Whew, whew!

Tomorrow, we find him his own backpack and lunch box. Thank goodness I found Piglet's old one, though....Pigpen was thisclose to having to go to preschool with an Alive After Five sponsored by Budweiser beer cooler from back in the day.

I hope this suffices as an appropriate update for all. I have big plans to be back on here as I had been (doing better, anyway!) It's such a shame that Facebook killed the blog star, isn't it? I'm trying to rebel. Perhaps I should post my Facebook and/or Twitter status messages on here for the sake of updating. I'll give that a whirl later. Ta!

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