Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Um, hello there.

Just popping in to say hi.


Hope you're all doing well. Clearly, some people are not nagging me enough to post (Aims? Bubba's Sis? I believe we had a deal?) because this couldn't possibly be my fault.

Some highlights:

*Piglet has napped 6 of the last 8 days after not napping since, oh....March. He is apparently in a growth spurt judging by the trucker sized meals he has been eating of late. Pigpen, on the other hand is trapped in a nap void in which he doesn't really need two naps anymore, but he can't make it past 11:30 or 12 without one and we don't pick Piglet up at school until 1. Problems, problems.

*My sink lawsuit is STILL going on. They settled, sent a check to the lawyer, and the lawyer (a quack) hasn't contacted me. I contacted him, got this scoop and he got into it, realizing that my insurance company from five years ago wants a cut of the settlement bc they paid my medical bills. Isn't that their job to pay my medical bills? I'll never understand this stuff. Whatever.

*I went to a party on Saturday night! Being that I have no life, this was very exciting. There were people and music and drinks and everything. I wore a pretty fancy shirt, and it was all very exciting.

*I am going on a ski trip for New Years with Eddie (remember her?) and her significant other. I'm pretty excited, except I need to find a pair of ski pants. Am seeking to borrow, as buying would be silly since I don't really ski. I think the last time I skied was in college.

* Am still couponing excessively. Have also added babysitting for a couple of girls after school to the mix. Trying to entertain these crazy boys the rest of the time. Will attempt to post some pictures soon.

Will try to stop in again very soon. Sorry for lapse. Kisses!

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