Saturday, November 21, 2009

Guh! Nah!

Does it mean anything to you that I've been blogging in my head three or four times a day? Probably not, but I swear I have. You'd think that as an individual who has been blogging in their head three or four times a day, that I would have something to write about. Alas, I am blank.

I've got two sick kids. I missed the Clemson game today due to said sick kids. I've started playing tennis again once a week. I've been cooking a lot. I'm still not really paying for groceries. I finished a book in a quick week because it was due at the library and I'm too cheap to pay the fine. Is my life exciting or what?? Oh! Today I gave three haircuts and my dog chased his weiner for about half an hour. Can't forget those details.

Let's see....what's new with the kids? Hmmm....well, Pigpen is violently allergic to leaves and we now live in, well, leaf-land. So he was at the ER on Sunday night, unable to stop coughing, which is his version of asthma. There was a woman beside us in the waiting room who had something tragic going on with her neck. I'm dying - DYING - to know what it was. A nurse kept coming over to move her shirt aside and say things like, "Well, it's getting smaller! That's a good sign!" What WAS it? I must know. I was briefly distracted by her friend with the Waffle House uniform eating McDonald's. She shared with me at length her hatred for Waffle House cuisine.

Back to my kid. He didn't get to bed that night (nor I) until 1:30am and was up at 8:30. He took one nap of about an hour this week and called it good. It is not, in fact, good. He's a cranky hot mess. It wasn't until today (being Saturday!!) that I made a connection to the doctor re-prescribing him Singulair as the root of this problem. On Monday, I thought it odd that I had a half bottle of Singulair inexpicably leftover from last year. Today, I remembered some behavioral issues last spring. Then I read the bottle warning: If this medication causes mood or behavior changes, sadness, fear or depression, contact your physician. HELLO! Mom of the Year, 2009. Sigh. I have no idea how we're going to keep him from coughing all winter.

Pigpen. Well, Pigpen is just really, really busy. He talks, he walks, he runs, he points and wants to know the name of everything. He puts himself in cabinets, he puts yogurt in his hair, he climbs up the outside of our stairs, he shows everyone his tongue. His first sentence was when he learned to discipline the dog. ("Guh! Nah!" = Gus, no!) His second sentence was "Gus barks". Yes, yes he does. He's very dramatic and very hilarious, which is pretty striking next to Piglet's anal retentive worrisome nature. They are going to be interesting to watch as they grow up. One tidy and clean, one chronically dirty and accident-prone. One serious, one silly. Maybe they'll be buds.

I hope to have more time to blog. I intend to every day....when is someone going to invent that little doohicky that transcribes my thoughts to the Internet? How hard could that be?

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