Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A photographic review.

After bashing both children's sleeping problems, today I think I'll string together some cuteness. I haven't put any pictures up in a while. This should cover the last month or so.

Piglet is learning to dress himself. Thus far, he's really good at undressing, particularly when he's supposed to be napping, and fairly clever about putting himself through clothing holes. Here, he's featured with the neck of his undershirt stretched around his ample belly.

T-bone dresses himself. That's a shirt around his waist.

A concern of mine: Pigpen's striking bald spot. Clearly, I am a rule follower, always putting him to sleep on his back. But look what I've done to his head! The poor child. Plus, his ears don't match. I suspect the crooked one is the body part that was crushing my kidney stone into my bladder wall when I was pregnant, but that's merely a theory.

P-dawg's bald spot and non-matching ears

And....spaghetti night. Need I say more?

Appetizing, I know.

Pigpen panics! My forehead is growing an ear, oh no! Sometimes Piglet's enthusiam to show love can be dangerous to Pigpen. He's very aggressively lovey.

P: My head! It's growing an ear!

And, some sweetness. And a gander at his two teeth.


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