Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How do you explain inauguration to a two year old?

Me: Look, Piglet! We're getting a new President!

Piglet: Presents?

Me: No, Pres-i-dent. Can you say that?

Piglet: Piglet wants presents.

Me: There are no presents. It's not your birthday or Christmas.

Piglet: No.

Me: Look! That's the old President, and that's the new President.

Piglet: New presents? Piglet wants birthday cake!

Me: Sigh. So much for a meaningful day. Okay, the President is in charge of our country.

Piglet: [nods] Mommy in charge!

Me: Yes! Mommy is in charge of our house, the President is in charge of the whole country!

Piglet: [nodding, thinking, points to TV] That's Mommy!

Me: No, that's the President. [it was in fact the President by this point as the entire oath and ceremony has passed us by]

Piglet: Presents! Santa Claus! Ho ho ho! [Smiles, proud he has unraveled this mystery.]

Me: Whatever, Russ. Whatever.

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