Monday, January 05, 2009

Eight Armed Bandit

Wow. First day in two weeks with both kids all day and preschool doesn't start back until Wednesday. And I believe there's a full moon this weekend, which would explain a lot about Piglet. Well, maybe. He's kind of insane all the time anyway. Here's a sample five minutes with Piglet. And remember that I am holding Pigpen on my hip the whole time.

I enter Piglet's room in the morning to find him completely naked except for a poopy diaper. ("Piglet took off Tractor Soup! [translation: Tractor Suit, his pajamas] All by Piglet's self!") His tractor soup is on the floor and he is racing around his room like a crazy person, pausing at the window each pass to look for the garbage truck.

Placing Pigpen on the bed, I wrestle Piglet out of his diaper and into some sweats, but he refuses his shirt, wanting to be "nay-ed". Whatever. He dashes at the speed of light out of the room while I gather up his poopy diaper and Pigpen. He's gone into Pigpen's room and is climbing up the outside of his crib. He sees me and leaps from the top rail and darts to the rocking chair where he commences rocking like he's trying to fly to the moon. I begin to quickly change Pigpen's diaper and get him dressed. Launching from the chair, Piglet holds his face directly in front of the cool mist humidifier and laughs hysterically. After repeating three times, he knocks the entire contraption onto the floor and water spills everywhere. I resist the urge to smack him heartily and tell him to sit in the chair and not move. He proceeds to remove his sweatpants while I clean up the mess and put the poor ignored Pigpen in the crib.

We finally make it downstairs and he makes a beeline for the two cabinets that I left unlocked the night before when putting away dishes. He presses all the buttons on the blender before chasing Gus around the family room. It's like he has eight arms. He demands juice. He demands cereal. He says he doesn't want juice. Or cereal. He wants fruit snacks and french fries. Pigpen laughs a huge gummy grin at this naked creature that is his brother. If only we could all see him through Pigpen's eyes.

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