Wednesday, December 10, 2008


You know my finger? The one with the open wound on it? Piglet bit it! HE BIT MY FINGER. What on this earth possesses a crazy child to BITE someone's bandage? So now there's been a set back in the healing process as it caused said open wound to, more. I should've bitten him back. Mr. Pigs reminded me that that's what I used to do to Gus when he bit me as a puppy. I was reading Piglet bedtime stories at naptime and he just leaned over and BIT ME. I can't get over the insanity of it. There's a full moon Friday if anyone's keeping track.

Also, Piglet cut his head open at preschool today bashing it into the stage in the ballroom where they have indoor recess when he fell off of a bike. Into the stage, I suppose. Karma? I think so. Of course, the teachers coddled and loved on him so much that he probably did not recognize his obvious comeuppance.

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