Monday, December 29, 2008


Piglet got a new book from Santa Claus this year called Excuse Me, A Little Book of Manners. I've been looking for it for a while, as we are working hard on the pleases, thanks, and excuses. I read it to him tonight before bed and was rolling in hysterical laughter before I left. Here's how it went:

Me: [reading aloud] Mommy says, "Do you want peas for breakfast?" What do you say?

Piglet: Please!

Me: about No ,thank you? You want peas for breakfast?

Piglet: Cereal!

Me: Okay, next page. "You burped! What do you say?"

Piglet: Mommy pooted!

Me: Um, no. You say "excuse me". Can you say that?

Piglet: Please!

Me: Okay. "Daddy asks, "Do you want a treat? What do you say?"

Piglet: Lollipop! Piglet wants lollipop right now! [jabs finger at page]

Me: No, Piglet, this is when you say please.

Piglet: LOLLIPOP!!!

Me: Right. "You broke your brother's toy. What do you say?"

Piglet: That's Pigpen! [points] Uh oh! Pleeeeeeeease?

Me: You can't say please for everything. Are you paying attention? Try this one: "Grandma gave you an extra special gift. What do you say?"

Piglet: Birthday present! Piglet wants birthday cake. Please?

Me: You're very good at please. I think if grandma gives you and birthday present you should say thank you.

Piglet: Birthday cake! [turns pages back] Lollipop!

Me: What do you say when someone gives you a present?

Piglet: Tank toooooo!

Me: Good. Last one: "Mommy and Daddy tuck you in with a kiss every night. What do you say?"

Piglet: [points] That's baby! Please!

Me: What do you say when we tell you night night?

Piglet: I'm sowwy.

Me: [laugh] [give up]

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