Friday, October 31, 2008

Premature Dementia.

I have the most terrible memory ever. There are things I don't remember from even just a few years ago that shouldn't be that difficult. I can reread my own blog from 2004 and have no memory of the event, much less writing it.

This disability is tangling with my general awkwardness when it comes to Facebook. Countless people have friended me and I have NO IDEA who they are. I have to look at our mutual friends to even determine if it's a high school, a college, a camp, a church, etc. relationship. Just today, someone friended me whose name is vaguely familiar. She's apparently from high school and knows me well enough to comment on how cute my kids are, etc. I have not an inkling who she is and no idea what to write back. What's wrong with me?

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