Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Like a pig in mud

Can I just say how much I love fall? I didn't realize how much I had missed fall while living in Texas. (And no, Texans, "that one day when it was 75 degrees" doesn't count as fall, it's supposed to be a season!) In Texas, it inevitably went from 90 degrees, then one day plummeted to 50 and all of a sudden (or "all of the sudden" as they say in Texas), it was winter. Poof! Just like that.

It's been soooooo beautiful here. Sunny and 80 degrees, low humidity, a breeze....ahhhhhh. I didn't even want to leave the playground yesterday. And soon? The leaves will change! Like, colors! Our trees in Texas just turned brown and threw up all over the yard one day in November. Again, poof! Winter.

I'll stop knocking Texas now. I know I'll miss it this winter when those random 75 degree heat waves in January don't surface to help me get through to spring.

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